Not sure if Addiction is an issue?

Are you unsure if you have an addiction problem? The answer may be simple… if you have researched about what is addiction and found yourself looking for help here then the chances are that you already have an issue.


When people initially think of addiction they think of substance or chemical dependency such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription or illegal drugs, yet addiction also includes behavioural addictions such as gambling, food, sex addiction, computer games and more. Whatever the addiction, professional counselling from a friendly and reliable counsellor is known to help in many ways.


We have extensive experience working with addiction and have a reliable, friendly, yet professional approach to addiction counselling and therapy. Our team have worked in Addiction Treatments Centres and Rehabilitation Clinics, Sarah has recently been involved in training the Counselling team at the new, first of its kind Delamere Treatment Centre in Cheshire. 


If you are unsure of what your next move might be, why not get in touch and fill out an enquiry form, or call us on 01283 240256.

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