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Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Reprocessing) is an established and developing therapeutic model which allows a person to process previous traumatic experiences that are negatively affecting their lives today.

Trauma may present as flashbacks, overwhelming fear, panic attacks, episodes of anger or rage, difficulty in sleeping, strong feelings of guilt. This list is not exhaustive and you may be suffering from the affects of trauma and not realise that the quality of your day to day life can be improved.

EMDR focuses on the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that a person has relating to a traumatic event or series of events that they have experienced.

EMDR allows a person to step one foot into the source of their trauma whilst also keeping a foot in the present moment. This offers the person safety and control while they re-process the event.

When trauma is experienced, part of the brain function naturally shuts down as a fight/flight response to offer the maximum chance of survival. This shut down stops the brain fully processing the event.

EMDR allows the brain to process the event again, with all parts of the brain active. This allows any charge in the nervous system to be discharged and stress in the system is reduced.

A series of stabilising exercises are established in session and can be practised between sessions. Once stabilisations is achieved, the re-processing can begin.

Re-processing is achieved through the rapid side to side movement of the eyes while working through the traumatic event. A light unit is used to help the movements to be consistent and effective.