Prices & Costs

At Life on Dreams, we offer counselling, coaching and psychotherapy to inidividuals, groups and organisations. We also offer supervision and mentoring to practising counsellors, psychotherapists, equine facilitated professionals, students in training, mental health and social care professionals.

Costs & Pricing (Updated March 2021)

We offer an introductory 20 minute chat, free of charge over the phone, where we can talk about your problems in general terms and check we are comfortable working together. If we feel that our training isn't suitable for the support you require we may signpost you to other resources. 


Please note these are for private paying individuals only, rates will vary when paying via EAP or insurance companies due to the increased financial & administrative requirements; rates are agreed with each company. Please call us if you wish to discuss further.

Missed sessions or cancellations of less than 48 hours notice will be charged for. 


Please phone, text or email at least 48 hours beforehand if you are unable to make one of your sessions.

Room Based Therapy

We offer a range of Room Based therapies and approaches:

Counselling £55 (60 mins)

Psychotherapy £75 (90 mins)

EMDR £70 (90 mins)

Breathwork £125 (180 mins)

Mindfulness £45 (40 mins)

Limited number of concessions maybe available for unemployed individuals.

Prices as of 1st March 2021, these are reviewed annually. 

Outdoor Therapy

We are leaders in Equine Facilitated Therapies and offer a range of programmes to promote your self care.

Individual Equine Facilitated Therapy £100 (90 mins)

Group Equine Facilitated Therapy £50 per person (90 mins)

Half Day Intensive £250 

Woodland Mindfulness £45 (60 mins)

Walk & Talk Therapy £55 (60 mins)

Clinical Supervision

Our team are all qualified Clinical Supervisors and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists & equine facilitated psychotherapists.


Clinical Supervision £70 (90mins)

Group Supervision £50 per person (90 mins) (up to 3 in a Group)

LEAP Students £50 (60 mins) 

Equine Facilitated Supervision £90 (90 mins)

We don't offer concessions to students as often student supervision requires additional support outside of appointments and report writing, which we include in this in our pricing.