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Stress Counselling



Stress is often in the press usually work related stress. Articles often telling us to try and avoid stress, to slow down, be mindful and take time to relax but its not always that easy and the truth is that stress can quickly take over and control your life. 


In times of Stress, you may find yourself not sleeping at night, getting annoyed or agitated at those who dont deserve it, or having health problems as a result of severe Stress. 


The problems with stress usually increase the longer you leave it. For instance, feelings of anger that are unexpressed can lead to depression or anxiety attacks can be a frequent side effect of stress. 


Stress can be caused by work or relationship problems or health issues and much more, it is one of the major reasons for time off work (work related stress), failed relationships, poor health etc.


But there is help available stress counselling can help overcome a lot of the symptoms and help you regain your life and take control again. Helping you focus coping with your day to day stresses, and put you back on track for your daily life.


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